Civil Servant Rank-Upgrading Examination was first time held in Thai Binh Province

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         On 15 January 2016, the Opening Ceremony was held in Thai Binh province to inaugurate the Civil Servant Rank-Upgrading Examination from junior official rank to official rank and equivalent in 2015 in the Thai Binh University. Participants from Thai Binh included Mr. Pham Van Ca, Standing Vice Chairman of provincial People Committee, the Chairman of the Examination Council; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Linh, Vice Chairman of the provincial People Committee, Vice Chairman of the Examination Council; Examination Board; Supervision Board and all contestants. From the Ministry of Home Affairs, a Task Team was sent by ISOS for providing the Examination with technical supports.

Opening Ceremony of the Civil Servant Rank-Upgrading Examination

in  2015 in Thai Binh province

In his opening speech, Mr. Pham Van Ca emphasized that Thai Binh had never organized a civil servant upgrading examination until the civil servant upgrading examination 2015 (the Examination). The Examination was targeted to promote public administration reforms, renovating civil service and civil servant regime towards a professional, responsible, dynamic, transparent and effective civil service for a modern and citizen-centered government. The total number of contestants participating in the Examination was 110 including contestants in the Party block (37 contestants) and Administrative block (73 contestants). Contestants took a two-rounded Examination. The First Round comprised of two computer-based multiple choice tests for Professional Subject and English Subject, for which, contestants must gained at least 50 scores in the score band of 100 to be authorized to enter the second round. In the Second Round, a written test was required for the General Knowledge subject. For a fair and transparent examination, Mr. Ca requested the Supervision Board, Examination Board and Scoring Board, and especially all contestants strictly perform the Examination regulations. Finally, Mr. Ca wished the Examination successful and wish all contestants  best performance.

Contestants in their computer-based tests

Right after the Opening Ceremony, right in the morning, all contestants took their two computer-based multiple choice tests and written test in the afternoon on the same day. Some of elder contestants, who at first found the computer-based multiple-choice testing method quite new, after finished their examination, strongly supported and appreciated this method. Contestants were satisfied and felt the Examination highly credible as testing results were displayed transparently at the end of their tests. The examining method was an innovative effort of fairness, transparency and disclosure in the Civil Servant Rank-Upgrading examination in 2015 of Thai Binh province.

At the completion of the computer-based multiple-choice tests, the Examination Council in 2015 of Thai Binh appreciated the examining outcomes and efficiency benefited from ICT application into examination organization. Concurrently, they requested the Ministry of Home Affairs in general and the Institute for State Organizational  Sciences in particular continue coordinating and supporting Thai Binh provincial People Committee to organize the civil servant upgrading examination in 2016./.

News by Pham Trang – Photo  by  TTTV

Translated by QG