Computer – based recruitment exam improves quality of civil servants in Vinh Long province

15:52 25/07/2014 | Lượt xem : 6164

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  • Lượt xem : 6164

On July 18, Southern province Vinh Long in cooperation with Institute for State Organizational Sciences set a recruitment exam of civil servant for year 2013. 

Applicants were taking the exam in computer room

There were 958 applicants from 6 Mekong delta provinces had taken the exam, in which 502 candidates for 35 positions at provincial and district level and 456 candidates for 137 positions at communal level.

"Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee of Vinh Long province has committed to innovate and improve the quality of civil service recruitment, contribute to improving the quality of the administrative staff of Vinh Long towards a "professional - responsibility – dynamic - transparent and efficient” public service", Mr. Nguyen Hieu Nghia – Vice Chairman of Provincial Recruitment Council, Director of Department of Home Affairs of Vinh Long said.

This is the first time Vinh Long accepted a computer-based recruitment exam of civil servant with the support of Institute for State Organizational Sciences. Applicants had to read the questions displayed on computer screen and input the correct answers onto software. On completion of the exam, the final score is calculated and displayed on screen. Applicants immediately knew their result. It avoided fraud behaviors and brought the fair for all the applicants. With this exam, Vinh Long hopes and gives opportunities to inner provincial and external qualified applicants to be its civil servant.


Manh Hoan (translated by TTTV)