ISOS delegation worked with KOICA Vietnam on public administration

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On 24 October 2018, in Hanoi, under the framework of international cooperation in scientific research activities, experts and scholars from the Institute for State Organizational Sciences of the Ministry of Home Affairs worked with the representatives of Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Vietnam on technical assistance and scientific research activities in field of public administration.

From KOICA side, Ms. Cho Jung-Myung, Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam, senior official in project management and ODA official attended the meeting. From ISOS-MOHA, Dr. Tran Van Ngoi headed the ISOS delegation.

In her opening speech, Ms. Cho Jung-Myung, Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam expressed her sincere thanks to ISOS delegation for having come to the meeting. Concurrently, Ms. Cho emphasized that public administration is one among KOICA’s priority sectors of supports for Vietnam.

Overal view of the working session

In introduction of KOICA, as said by Ms Cho Jung-Myung, KOICA is a government afiliated agency, directly controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (RoK). KOICA is an international organization conducting technical assisstance and grants made by the RoK’s government for developing countries. Accordingly, KOICA opened its representative office in Vietnam 1994  and so far the KOICA Office in Vietnam has passed through 4 major phase of development: the Initial Stage (1993-1996); System Establishing Stage (1997-2000); the Expanding Stage (2001-2004); and the Selection and Focus Stage (2005 - present). So far, KOICA activities are directed to focus into 2 majors forms, which are, programmes and projects. Since its establishment up to now, KOICA has provided supports to Vietnam through various projects, entered partnership with ministries, sectors, the Government, the Party’s agency, and provinces, cities in Vietnam. Basically, the major activites are in fields of public administration, education, technical and vocational education and training, environment and rural development. Obtaining high performance and transparency in public administration is a main issue in the development of Vietnam. To reach this goal, KOICA cooperates and consults with Vietnam in strengthening its systems and institutions of law, improving the government infrastructure as well as developing the capacities of government officials.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Tran Van Ngoi, ISOS Director General conveyed his thanks for the sincere care and attention that the Director Board of KOICA Vietnam has given to the ISOS. Dr Ngoi highly appreciated the KOICA’s supports for Vietnam across various aspects, including development of public sectors, development of advanced human resource development for State Capacity and Sustainable Development in Vietnam, projects for strengthening capacities for several ministries, sectors and provinces in Vietnam...  Besides, ISOS scholars gave a brief introductions of functions and duties of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the organizational structure and activities of the ISOS over the years.

Discussions between KOICA experts and ISOS scholars revealed that, nowadays, state administration reforms are in the common trends followed by almost countries in the world. From the perspectives of quite a large number of countries, public administration reform (PAR) is considered to be an essential policy for promoting the socio-economic development; concurrently, enhancing the opreational efficiency and effectiveness of the State; shaping the country’s capacity in developing its society and economy. In this context, Vietnam has been in progress of renovating its State administration in periods of  2001-2010 and 2011-2020. PAR comprises of 6 focal contents, that are: Reform of State administrative institution; reform of State administrative apparatus; build and enhance the quality of the staff of cadres, civil servants and public employees; reforms of public finance; modernize the public administration. In order to realize the 6 contents of the reform, it is essential for Vietnam to learn from experiences of other countries in the world, that falicitates objectively and scientifically the process of implementation, review and evaluation of the PAR.

ISOS Delegation and Ms Cho Jung-Myung, Deputy Country Director of KOICA Vietnam in a memorial photo

To sum up the meeting, Ms Cho Jung-Myung, Deputy Director General of KOICA Vietnam highly appreciated the results and conveyed her sincere thanks to the ISOS Leaders and the willingness to provide ISOS with information from KOICA to appropriately supports the activities of the ISOS in the coming time./.

News, photo, translated by Quynh Giang