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    Enhancing Civil Service’s Transparency in Thailand: Tools, System, and Strategy

    In the civil service, ethics issues have long been one of the most challenging issues that we all have to tackle and the people themselves perceive them as something exceedingly difficult to fight and overcome.  Promoting ethics among civil service officers is usually believed to be something intangible, thus strenuous to be successfully executed and effectuated.  Nevertheless, without any serious and firm actions taken, such problem is going to be aggravated and obstruct economic growth and development of the country as a whole.  Thailand, hence, is likely to still be caught in the “Middle Income Trap”. 


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    India’s practices in civil service training and development

    During the colonial period, the British built up the elite Indian Civil Service, often referred to as the "steel frame" of the British Raj. The Indian leaders of the independence movement initially viewed the colonial civil service as an instrument of foreign domination, but by 1947 they had come to appreciate the advantages of having a highly qualified institutionalized administration in place, especially at a time when social tensions threatened national unity and public order.